Who We Are

The Polaris Group believes that engaging in live networking opportunities is an essential component of a company’s business development and public relations strategy. It’s common knowledge that leaders in almost every professional field have attained their position through a combination of industry knowledge and strategic relationships. And in an increasingly virtual world, the value of a smile, handshake and face-to-face conversation cannot be underestimated in forging these bonds.

We’re all about access, growth, and success. Our mission is to connect people through live experiences and foster the development of meaningful relationships for professional, political or social purposes. Bringing individuals with shared interests together — and providing the right environment with valuable content from experts — allows for connection, shared knowledge, and above all, the formation of close relationships.

We maintain a network of financial professionals and top-tier experts, each of whom contributes their unique perspective and insights at our various, exclusive events. This ecosystem of senior-level professionals leverages its aggregated knowledge in order to address many of today’s most important business and financial issues. Above all else, it’s about building these strong business relationships to drive company growth and success.