What we do

The Polaris Group is a business development and public relations firm. We help our clients gain access to the more significant professionals in their target industries that can, in turn, help our clients build significant relationships and develop new business. We are not an event company trying to put people in a room. We are a strategic advisory firm that works with our clients to develop very targeted business development and public relations strategies, primary through the development of various client events.

We help companies develop very targeted business development and public relations strategies with various types of events that bring them access to high-level professionals. It’s access to the right people and to the decision-makers that make business development successful. It’s not about just networking and meeting the largest number of people in the hope that new business will magically appear. It’s about accessing the right people, it’s about developing new business relationships to grow your business and it’s about the success of our clients.



We have created numerous business and finance series for clients that allow them to attract new business relationships and prospective clients. Through high-level panels and very targeted audiences, we help our clients establish themselves as relevant in certain business environments.


We have created numerous exclusive and private events for clients that allows them develop face-to-face relationships with targeted individuals and firms with whom they wish to establish a business relationship.


We have created several corporate retreats for clients either in-house or at various off-site locations. Corporate retreats can be both internal, consisting only of client employees, or inclusive of targeted outside professionals which the client wishes to include.


We create thought leadership workshops, offering clients the opportunity to have senior-level professionals lead discussions on topics relevant to the client. These thought leadership events provide companies with a chance to bounce ideas off of their peers, attorneys, consultants and technologists in a small intimate setting.